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Very good, in this video we are going to see how to install Google Analytics in WordPress, to do, so we are going to use Google Tag Manager.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, I know it sounds very technical but it is much simpler than you think and once you start using Google Tag Manager you will fall in love with it, so we are going to see how to install Google tag Manager in WordPress and then we are going to see how to install Google Analytics 4 the latest version of Google Analytics in WordPress itself, come on, let’s get to it.

Well, the first thing, we are going to see is how to install Google tag Manager in our WordPress, for this you have to come to tag manager. and click Create Account Here you enter the name of the account, the country you are in, the URL of your website, click on web and click on Create,In this way, a new account is being created within Google tag manager. Perfect, I’m not going to do it because the WordPress that we are going to use for this example already has Google tag manager installed. In fact, that Google tag manager account is this one here and we have the container id, we have to take it from here, we also have it We have this code here, you can get it from here or you can also get it from here, it doesn’t matter, it’s the same code,I am going to copy it and we are going to our WordPress we have to install this plugin to install it, you are going to add new here you put GTM4WP  you have to click on Activate,Ok, important, if not it’s not going to work, then once we are there we go to installed plugins we go to this plugin,We click on settings or on Configuration Google tag manager we activate this we leave it on and we tell it to place it in the footer we save the changes and that’s it, Super easy.

We would have to come to analytics if we do not already have the Google Analytics account created, you simply have to create one. We have to come here to admin and you have to create a property, I’m going to do it because for this wordpress I don’t have any account, no Google Analytics property created, so I’m going to do it with you, we’re going to click on property, that is, call it mega mega store market example, let’s say that we are in Spain, not Canary Islands time, Spanish time, the currency we are going to tell you that we are going to use the euro, very good. Here we are not interested in creating anything else, we are not going to create a Universal Analytics account because as it says here, this Universal Analytics option, which is the old version of Google Analytics, is not. This is going to disappear. We click on continue, we put some options here or we select some options, we select everything except “other”

 Well in this case our property is a website, and we are going to put the URL, the URL is this one here we are going to copy we remove this part here perfect and we are going to call it the stream name or the data source, we are going to call it example mega Store marketers, perfect, we are going to leave this option active, what Google Analytics is going to do by default is going to collect a lot of information, page views, scrolling of a page, clicks that come from a user from our website, searches that are carried out within our web page, video or visualization, etc… we are going to create the data string, very good, in this option we are going to select install manually but to install manually, it is better we are going to close this and what we are going to do What to do is copy this code that we have here, and now we are going to go to Google tag manager and we are going to create our Google Analytics 4 event to install our Google Analytics property, I know it sounds a bit technical, but don’t worry, it’s very easy. We go to Google tag manager, we click on the wheel we go to Workspace, tags, these are all tags that I have installed from Facebook, okay, they are Facebook events, but what we want to do is create an event, we want to create a tag for Google Analytics 4 so we are going to do it in the following way, we click on new, configuration and we are going to say Google Analytics 4 configuration we select this option we paste the code that we have copied from Google Analytics, perfect, and we leave all this as it is, we are going to Click on triggering or trigger and we are going to tell you that the trigger is going to fire on all the pages, perfect, we are going to call this Google Analytics 4, I like to paste the Google Analytics code that we are using here, we are going to save .

Very good, now we are going to preview, we are going to paste here the URL of the web page that we want to verify, we connect, perfect, we are connected and now what we are going to do is see if the Google Analytics 4 tag has been triggered, let’s go here, continue and as we see tags Fire tags that have been triggered we have the Facebook pixel and we have the event or the tag that we just installed from Google Analytics 4 so perfect we already have it, well we don’t have it yet let’s finish this here we are going to close this here, very good we are also going to close this outside and now what we are going to do is we are going to publish this change we are going to call it and GA4, sorry, we are going to paste the code in question again, perfect because we already have it and we publish once we have already sent or published our Google tag Manager with Google Analytics 4.

 What we can do is go to Google Analytics and we go to reports or reports we go to real time and here you can see that data is being collected from my visits to the website so everything is OK, once you have it installed Well, you can come here and you can see different sources of information to see, for example; where users come from, what type of pages users visit, how much time they spend on the website or on different pages of your website, etc…

 If you liked this video, you found it interesting and it was useful and you also want to delve deeper into this fascinating world of digital marketing. I have a 100% updated meta ads course for free that I have uploaded to my channel that I will leave here for you. and I encourage you to take a look at it because I see super interesting things step by step and in depth, I’ll leave it here for you.

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